Goal 5: Avoid Interjurisdictional Conflicts

The Prairie Provinces Water Board (PPWB) has considered a number of interjurisdictional issues over the years to avoid conflicts before they occur. In the last few years, the Board has discussed two Initiatives that involve hdyrological issues relevant to the PPWB.


Saskatchewan-Manitoba Drainage Task Force


In September 2008, the Minister of Manitoba Water Stewardship wrote to the Minister responsible for the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority requesting support for interprovincial meetings of staff responsible for licensing drainage works, investigating complaints, and enforcing against illegal drainage activities. Through discussion at the Board meeting in the fall 2008, bilateral meetings were organized by the Board members for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. A co-operative approach to better understanding and resolving bilateral drainage issues was agreed upon.


A bilateral Saskatchewan-Manitoba Task force was created in 2009 to develop a strategy for dealing with drainage in Saskatchewan watersheds that impact lands in Manitoba.


PPWB Board members will continue to be updated on progress made by Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


Carrot River Sediment Concerns


In 2011, Manitoba raised a concern that upstream land activities in Saskatchewan may be increasing sediment loads on the Carrot River.  This has resulted in a reduction of stream flow capacity in the Saskatchewan River near The Pas, Manitoba.  Saskatchewan, with the support of Manitoba, is exploring opportunities to investigate the reduction of stream capacity as a result of the sediment concerns in the Carrot River. 

The MAA was signed in 1969 by Canada and the governments of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba in recognition of the need to cooperatively share and manage interprovincial waters for the benefit of present and future generations.