Board Members

Board Members are senior officials involved in water management in each of the Member Agencies of the PPWB. Members report directly to their Ministers. The Board is chaired by the Environment and Climate Change Canada Member. Members are responsible to:

  1. Work cooperatively with one another to achieve the best management of the water resource in the Prairies while representing their own government's interests; 

  2. Ensure that the Board is informed of any potential projects or policies that have the potential to impact another province and, when requested, provide the Board with an analysis of those potential impacts; 

  3. Share with one another policies, programs and practices of mutual interest; 

  4. Liase within government departments or other organizations within their jurisdiction on behalf of the PPWB; 

  5. Ensure services from government agencies required by the PPWB are provided; 

  6. Distribute the PPWB Annual Report within government agencies following its transmittal to Ministers by the PPWB; 

  7. Appoint government representatives to Board Committees; 

  8. Inform senior officials and Ministers about significant issues being considered by the Board, and; 

  9. Provide direction to the PPWB Executive Director and all Board committees.  

Nadine Stiller

PPWB Chair & Government of Canada Member

Environment and Climate Change Canada

Elliott Brown

Manitoba Member

Manitoba Environment and Climate Change

Morna Hussey

Alberta Member

Alberta Environment and Protected Areas

John Fahlman

Saskatchewan Member

Water Security Agency

Ute Holweger

Government of Canada Alternate Member

Environment and Climate Change Canada

Carmen de la Chevrotière

Alberta Alternate Member

Alberta Environment and Protected Areas

Thon Phommavong

Saskatchewan Alternate Member

Water Security Agency

Nicole Armstrong

Manitoba Alternate Member

Manitoba Environment and Climate Change

Ron Woodvine

Government of Canada Member (Acting)

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

The MAA provides for an equitable sharing of available waters for all eastward flowing streams that cross interprovincial boundaries, including lakes and serves to protect transboundary aquifers and surface water quality.